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CHAMPS BOXING™️ is the newest venture to hit New Orleans, Louisiana. David Jeansonne founded CHAMPS BOXING™️ to give his community the opportunity to have an interactive, fun, and effective lifestyle workout. Jeansonne and his team are dedicated to providing everyone the chance to workout, and that is why they wanted to help a local community member, Karen Hollis Watkins.
Karen has Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA), which makes it hard for her to balance while doing normal activities. SCA is a genetic disorder characterized by progressive problems with movement and causes coordination and balance difficulties. An estimated 150,000 people in the United States have a diagnosis of SCA, and there is no known effective treatment or cute. SCA can affect anyone of any age.
CHAMPS BOXING™️ prides itself on not being like other gyms or franchises because they created a group fitness program that conforms to literally everyone. This is why David Jeansonne and the CHAMPS BOXING™️ team wanted to give Karen the opportunity to join their classes. Since their workouts involve a lot of standing and cardio boxing, the team created a harness to provide Karen with the stability to stand up and exercise with everyone else!

“I could not be more excited to begin my workouts with Phillip Sutton at CHAMPS BOXING™️,” Karen said. “I will be using a special harness designed just for me so that I will not fall. The owners and trainers are amazing! Just ask, and they will make it happen. Thanks so much to Phillip and David!”

David Jeansonne is committed to giving back to his community. His goal was to build a gym that enables group workouts, yet is still focused on the individual. David is glad he could help Karen and will continue to work with others to make sure they to can Leave It All On The Bag!™️
Check out this awesome video of Karen working out with her custom harness or read more about CHAMPS BOXING™️ by visiting their website! CHAMPS BOXING™️ is also the only gym that offers the revolutionary HYDROBLAST™️ water punching bag, giving you the capability to workout hard.

David Jeansonne is a successful entrepreneur based in New Orleans, Louisiana. His goal is to help the less fortunate and improve his hometown community.  Read more of his philanthropy blog or check out his Twitter!