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Giving back to your community is a gift that keeps on giving. Volunteering at every age is significant, especially at a young age. It is great for children to get used to the idea of being involved in their community through volunteer opportunities and other types of service. Here are a few tips for getting your kids involved with volunteering!

Use Their Excitement

Finding out what excites your child and using that excitement to find a volunteer opportunity is the easiest and best way to get them involved. Ask your children what they like to do for fun!  Kids are empowered when volunteering opportunities are based on their own interested. If your kids enjoy soccer, use those skills to help children with special needs to learn how to play. Older children and teens who enjoy the computer could help teach a computer class at a local senior center. For those children who are a bit younger, give them a few volunteer options to choose from.

Be Creative

There are so many volunteer opportunities that there is sure to be some activity that your child enjoys. While helping at a soup kitchen or clothing drive are great volunteer options, these avenues may not excite your child. VolunteerMatch is an excellent resource for finding unique opportunities that will excite your kids. From drawing cards to composting kitchen scraps, there are thousands of fun ways to give back.

Start Small

Volunteering does not mean you have to start by spending hours at a local charity center or shelter. Although there is no harm in spending a day helping others, starting small with kids is often a useful step. Instead of signing your child up for a day full of volunteer opportunities, ask them if they want to help for an hour or two. Starting small can help build their excitement and allow your child to see the meaningful contribution they are giving.

Volunteer Together

Volunteering together as a family will help show your children the importance of giving back. Especially for younger children, working together will not only help bring your family closer together but will instill good work ethic. Additionally, have your children volunteer with their friends! If your child and their best friend both love animals, have them volunteer at a local animal shelter together.
David Jeansonne is a successful entrepreneur based in New Orleans, Louisiana. His goal is to help the less fortunate and improve his hometown community.  Read more of his philanthropy blog or check out his Twitter!