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David Jeansonne


David Jeansonne, an entrepreneur born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, does everything he can to give back to his community. Whether he is working as an individual or on behalf of the numerous businesses he has founded over the years, David has a simple goal in mind: to help the less fortunate, and do his part in helping everyone in his home city thrive.

I grew up in this city. My entire life has been right here. Through my professional career I traveled the country. You name the city and chances are I broke bread in it, or at least passed through it at one time or another. I just love people and all of the cultures our country has to offer. But when the work is done I come right back here… Home!

David Jeansonne

David grew up humbly in New Orleans, raised by a hardworking mother who juggled three jobs just to make sure her kids had a roof over their heads and food to eat. The family was not as fortunate as some to be able to travel. The New Orleans culture was all David knew — but he loved it!

Over the years, David Jeansonne paved his own way to national success in business. He runs a conglomerate of highly successful companies, including Traffic Jam Events™, a nationally renowned automotive-marketing firm. He also founded CHAMPS BOXING™, a group fitness program that conforms to all physical fitness platforms.

As David created a fortunate life for himself and was able to provide fortunate lives for his children, he never forgot the importance of helping others do the same, especially where he grew up. Some of his favorite charitable organizations are the local Rec. playground he grew up at, VFW, Make A Wish, and Toys for Tots (run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve). You can always find him looking for ways to help his community down to the most personal level.

David Jeansonne at Carnivale Du Vin, a charity event hosted by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse

David Jeansonne at Carnivale Du Vin, a charity event hosted by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse

As David has watched his own children get older, he has realized that he needs to do more to help others that are not as well-off: kids who have zero control over their status or situation, just like David in his early years. He’s tackled this issue in many ways, but one of his favorites is helping people attend a variety of events every year. He owns VIP suites at multiple sports arenas and each year he invites a group of guests to join him in one of the suites to live out a dream of not only going to a professional sports game, but to do it VIP style within a beautiful suite.

He also bought four seats at his local theater, The Saenger, and makes it a point to make sure all four seats are filled every time they unlock those doors for a show, over 120 times every year. It is certainly a challenge to go through the theater’s diverse calendar and find an array of people to attend the right events via groups and organizations throughout the city, but when it’s all said and done, it is always worth it to give someone a special outing they would otherwise never experience. David was once exactly like the children he helps — as he hopes to inspire them to head down the right path.

David Jeansonne also utilizes his businesses to give back to his community. The team at Traffic Jam Events™ work together every year to donate toys and other items to needy families around the holiday season. David’s employees, family, and friends also cherish opportunities to feed the homeless, sponsor local outings, and more. The CHAMPS BOXING™ team is set to by far conquer every and all philanthropic movements highlighted in his career.

David created this blog to share his insights and favorite stories of his community work! Stay tuned.